After the end of World War II, some time in 1946, a meeting of Old Georgians was held in the school hall to discuss the formation of an Old Georgians' Association.
A committee meeting was held and the late Mr. Justice Ong Hock Sim was elected President with the late Mr. Tan Chin Taik being elected Hon. Secretary.
No action was taken to register the Association until 1963, but over the years an Old Georgians' Annual Dinner was held largely through the efforts of Mr. Ooi Chek Huat. In all these dinners, the late Mr. Loh Thow Yoong contributed generously towards the success of the occasion.
The Association was formally registered on 13th September, 1963 with Mr. Chin Kit Fung, AMN., as the first founder President. He was succeeded by Dr. Ong Sim Keat (1963-1965) and Mr. Foo Fatt Yeow (1965-1967). In 1967, Mr. Beh Cheng Chuah took over the presidency and has held the post continuously for the past 37 years. Under the able leadership of the past and present Presidents, the Association has grown from strength to strength in membership as well as in activities.
The OGA Taiping now has a membership of 106 and is affiliated to the Federation of La Sallian Association Malaysia. Relations with other members of the Federation have always been cordial, especially with the Old Paulians' Association, Seremban.
The Association celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 1988 with a varied programe of games and a swimming gala culminating with a grand reunion dinner on 2nd April, 1988.
Among the objects of the Association are the giving of financial assistance, wherever possible, to needy students of the school, and the promotion of friendship and mutual help among its members. Although the Association is not in a position at the moment to offer scholarships, aid for the needy students in the form of Examination fees etc. has always been provided by individual Old Georgians in their personal capacity.
The OGA Taiping has always maintained a close rapport with the Alma Mater which had over the years produced industrious sons who had or are holding distinguished positions both in the public and private sectors. The Association has never failed to answer any call for assistance in seeking donations to help the School e.g. in meeting the cost of returfing the school field, providing chairs and many other various projects.

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